What to do when you feel it is too much?

I translated here a beautiful parable of a Romanian, Christian saint, Arsenie Boca. Many of you never heard about him, but this is not so important. Just read the story with an open heart and try to understand the hidden meaning of the message.

“One day, a family went to England on a shopping trip, to buy something nice from their 25th marriage anniversary. In an antique shop, the one object that drew their attention was a little, nice tea cup. Suddenly, the tea cup started to talk and to tell them its story:

“You see, I wasn’t a nice, little tea cup from the beginning! Once upon a time I was just a piece of red clay. The Master took me and kneaded me for a while and I yelled: “Don’t do that! I don’t like it, leave me alone!” and he just smiled and gently said: “Not yet!”

Then, I was placed on a wheel and was spun over and over again. “Stop this! I am dizzy! I will get sick!” I said. The Master only nod the head and told me “Not yet!”

He twisted, rolled, hit, and modeled me just to obtain the shape he wanted.

Then he put me in the oven. I have never felt such a heat! I yelled, hit the door: “Help! Get me out of here!” I could see Him from inside and I could guess his words “Not yet!”

When I thought I couldn’t resist there one more minute, the door opened.

He carefully took me out of there, and put me on a shelf.

But, after I cooled a little bit, He took me again and started to paint me with a small brush. The smells were horrible. I thought I was going to suffocate. “Oh, please, stop!” I yelled. He just said again “Not yet!”

Then, he put me in the oven again. I begged. I cried. I insisted. I yelled. I was convinced I was not going to make it! At that instant, the door opened again and He took me out of there, gently placed me on a shelf and, after I cooled down, He gave me a mirror to see myself in it.

And I looked, but that wasn’t me!

“That cannot be me! She is beautiful! I am beautiful!”

He then gently spoke to me again:

“I want to remember this! I know it hurt when you have been ruled, kneaded, hit, spun, but, if I had left you like that, you would have dried up. I know you got dizzy when I spun you on that wheel, but if I had stopped then, you would have teared up apart. I know it hurt and that it was extremely hot in the oven, but I had to put you there not to crack all over the place! I know you didn’t like the smells, but if I hadn’t done that, you wouldn’t have become so beautiful. If I hadn’t put you in the oven for the second time, all that process would have been in vain.

Now you are a whole. Now you are what I had in mind for the first time when I started to work with you! Now you can see in the mirror the real, complete you!”

Therefore, every time you feel it is too much, that life, God, divinity, universe or people are unfair to you, just take the most beautiful tea cup you have in the house, pour in some tea and drink it, thinking about these words.

Marina Rasnoveanu

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