Snow Angels

Today I read on Facebook a text I wrote in December 2012. Tough year. It’s true, an important one because in September 2012 my niece, Maria, was born, but still, for me, 2012 was a hard time. And, although written under that impressions and when I was still in Ploiesti, my native town, today, when I read again the text, I found myself smiling – because it seemed to me that, at times, this text still fits today and because it has a particular charm which I rarely find in my older texts.

Therefore, I thought it would be a good idea to leave it here, on my blog, together with its Romanian version, which you can find here.

“From the beginning of December, it seems the whole world prepares for celebrating. It didn’t matter the rainy days and the totally unusual weather for this time of the year. In exchange, we had plenty of shops decorated in way too colored Christmas lights, early carols and false Santa Clauses all around the city.

Today, it snowed for the first time – a real, true snow with big snowflakes and fluffy clouds in the sky. There were plenty of photos on Facebook, children under 1 year old taken outside, to see and touch their first snow, and the commuters who surely won’t have an easy night.

Today, it’s winter again. And other Holidays are approaching. In a fatidic year, some say, and in a month just as weird. Yet, it doesn’t matter! The human kind goes on and the optimistics always find a hope to cling to.

The truth is it would be hard not to do this. It would be hard not to do this and surrender even after such a hard year. And this comes through I don’t know what wonder for some or stupid law for others. This blessing or rule makes all carols sound different each and every year, smiles to draw themselves even wider each winter and snow angels to be made as easy as in the previous years.

When I was little, I used to climb the kitchen window sill and watch above to the snow flakes. I used to think that, if I look without a blink I will see the angels that fall into Earth together with the first snows. Today, there are still a lot of such angels. I cannot see them anymore, but I know they are out there. Among the dogs that do not stop in barking for some time in the almost empty crossroad or together with the lonely man from the GPL station who gets the snow off the street, waiting for the first customers. There are still a lot of unseen snow angels standing by our side from time to time, walking through the hours we find rather annoying and picking up our most loved wishes.

I don’t know what this winter will bring, I don’t know what will happen the next year and I certainly don’t want to look back to the previous year.

I only remember that, once upon a time, I made a wish that never came true.

Therefore, I hope we are all going to have a white Christmas. “

Marina Talks is also on Facebook.

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